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Jot It - Picture your tasks done. Jot It turns handwritten lists into actionable tasks.
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Just snap a picture with your phone

You'll never have to type a task again (unless you choose to).

Manage lists and act upon your tasks

With Jot It's clear and simple interface, you can prioritize or snooze tasks and then quickly swipe to mark them as done when complete.


Create multiple lists for different tasks, and easily move items from one list to another.


Snooze tasks to make them disappear from view until the time you want to see them.


Assign tasks to other people and be automatically notified when the task is completed.

Messy handwriting? Not a problem.

It doesn't matter if you have messy handwriting, because Jot It doesn't need to convert your notes into digital text.

About Jot It

Jot It is working hard to bring you all the benefits of software without needing to type. Jot It was incubated at Idealab, in Pasadena, Ca.